Good news for all the game lovers as Civilization VI is making its way to Nintendo Switch. The publisher 2K Games just announced that this game will reach to Nintendo Switch on November 16th.

The game was initially launched in 2016 for Windows PC. But later on, it was made available to the Mac, Linux, and iOS. And now, the game is reaching to Nintendo Switch.

Civilization VI is On The Way To Nintendo Switch
Civilization VI is On The Way To Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch version of the game is packed with many more improved features. Those are listed here.

  • The Civilization VI will have the base game along with four added scenarios. The scenarios include the Vikings Scenario Pack, Poland Civilization, Australia Civilization and Scenario Pack, and the Persia and Macedon Civilization and Scenario Pack. All the scenarios have different settings and game style.
  • The game will also feature 24 different characters.
  • The Nintendo Switch version of the game will allow competitive and cooperative play. The number of players can be up to 4 over a local wireless connection.

So, the new Civilization VI game for the Nintendo Switch sounds very interesting.

The game received good ratings when it was initially launched for the Windows PC in 2016. Gamespot offered a rating of 9/10 to this game. And a new rise and fall expansion of the game was launched during February this year. It was awarded by a rating of 8/10. So, the game is really very fascinating.

Gamers have enjoyed the original Civilization VI game in the PC. So, its time to enjoy the improved version of it in the Nintendo Switch Console.

This is a very exciting news for the Nintendo Switch owner. It is packed with even many more other features that will be revealed during the release of the game on November 16th.

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