Laptops are something that is being upgraded almost constantly. There are many kinds of laptops and computers that you can find on the market, and each of them is running different operating systems. The Chromebook is one of those laptops, as the name suggests these laptops are manufactured by Google and run the Chrome OS. These laptops have been around for some time and do not need any sort of introduction, the operating system used in these laptops is decent but still lacked many things. The latest update that Google has brought to its users is that their Chromebooks will now be able to run almost every single android app.

Considering the fact that the Android and Chromebooks are manufactured by Google, this sort of compatibility should have been present from the beginning, but the company through something else. The Chrome OS version 51 will have this feature, all the user needs to do is to go to the settings menu and enable Android apps and you are good to go. Chromebooks still have very fewer applications and programs to which it is compatible, therefore making Android apps compatible is a great relief for users.

Google first sought to make these two operating systems (i.e. Chrome OS and Android) separate, but now it seems that the company will not be able to do that any longer and will have to introduce the Google Play Store on the Chromebooks which are running the latest Chrome OS.


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