Store management or figuring out the internal space is really important and it became much needed especially in Chrome OS with the Android tablet apps made their way into the Chromebooks. Even though Google play store has just arrived at some of the selected Chrome OS models such as ASUS Chromebook flip, but as soon as it will be made available to all the models, users will receive around ten thousands of Android apps which will occupy a great amount of memory along with creating their own files. So it will become more important to have the storage info which is not at all easy to figure out.


However, you can always get to know the total free space available via the Files but that does not provide any information regarding how it is being used. Also, it is possible to break down things file by a file which will become too long to look at a glance. Fortunately, Google is all set to unveil a new storage manager for Chromebook OS that is designed to provide the users with the right amount of information to look at a glance.

The Chrome OS To Receive A Much Needed Store Manager
The Chrome OS To Receive A Much Needed Store Manager

According to the new storage manager, you will be able to see the total storage, used space and free space. The used space is again broken down into offline files and downloads. This breakdown tells you very clearly that how much space is occupied by the system, apps and how much downloaded you have done personally. In order to have more info, you can check the Files app.

It is Rolled Out as Already The ASUS Chromebook Flip

So, this storage manager will prove to be very useful once it is rolled out as already the ASUS Chromebook Flip users are struggling a lot with lots of android apps while soon it might be true for you as well.