The most annoying stuff while browsing the internet is the autoplay videos. These videos are included in every browser and while they are especially meant to bother us another disadvantage of these videos are more data usage and power consumption. However, Google is continuously working to offer the best user experience and now they have planned something really useful for their Chrome browser.

The autoplay videos in this browser will be handled now greatly to enhance the user experience.

Chrome To Enhance User Experience by handling the Autoplay Videos More Efficiently
Chrome To Enhance User Experience by handling the Autoplay Videos More Efficiently

Users of Chrome will be now able to stop those annoying videos and those videos will not follow them if they are not interested. As per Google’s statement, these unexpected auto-play videos will be allowed in two cases and these are: if the user has shown their interest towards it or else if the sound is not being played. When users will show their interest for the auto-play videos for example, if they click or else tap on that site during browsing, if users play media very frequently on that site or else if they have added the site to their home screen, the videos will start playing automatically.

This helpful feature will be effective in the Chrome browser since January 2018. So, few more months to wait and thankfully, those annoyed auto-play videos can be avoided. However, not just that rather the giant search engine company is trying to make their Chrome browser really very effective by adding many more useful features. Earlier it was hinted that the Chrome 64 will also integrate a built-in ad blocker in the next year. So, if this feature too is included in the Chrome 64 since this January 2018, it will no doubt enhance the popularity of this browser even more.

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