Google has announced to phase out their support of Chrome apps on every platform such as Windows, Mac, and Linux except for the Chrome OS. The stand-alone apps are supported by Chrome browser since 2013, but it’s time to draw an end to this.

However, the process will take place slowly providing users with enough time to find out their perfect alternatives. According to Google, the newly introduced Chrome apps will not be available anymore for the other platforms except Chrome OS by the end of 2016 and by mid-2017, the Chrome web store will not list any apps for Windows, Mac or Linux platform. And by early 2018, users won’t be able to download any Chrome apps on their Windows, Mac and Linux machine. However, extensions and themes will still be available.

Chrome Apps Will No Longer Be Supported On Windows, Mac And Linux
Chrome Apps Will No Longer Be Supported On Windows, Mac, And Linux

Google has stated that this change is now important with the increasing use and demand of open web where to standalone Chrome app has really something very small part to play. There was a time when Chrome apps were really needed for jobs like sending notifications, working offline and more but now all these jobs can be accomplished through the open web and with more improvement keeps going on, it is vital to move the stuff to the web. And the elimination of Chrome apps support on the above-mentioned platforms is nothing but a Google’s step to push forward all towards web standard.

Chrome Apps are of Two Types, Packaged And Hosted Apps

Also, there is a point that very small percentage of users actually uses Chrome apps. Chrome apps are of two types, packaged apps and hosted apps. While according to Google, only 1 percent of the users on Windows, Mac, and Linux make use of Chrome apps, the hosted apps are implemented as the regular web apps.


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