Chinese Government is really strict in everything and they do it finally whatever they want to do. Facebook, the most popular social networking platform is already blocked in that country and now it is WhatsApp’s turn. Facebook’s main website and the app were blocked in China. And the Chinese Government also blocked the users from sending photos and videos in Whatsapp a few months back in July.

It was then only this most popular instant messaging app WhatsApp’s existence was in question. And now, the ability to send text messages is also been blocked by them.

Chinese Government Slab WhatsApp's Text Message In China

This effort by the Chinese Government started a week back and they have successfully reached almost all the users till this Monday. So, it is really a sad news to all those Chinese people who used to use WhatsApp to a great extent.

When China maintains a very rigid internet censorship another reason to opt for such decision is their upcoming 19th communist party congress which is all set to hold this fall. The government will choose their new leader through this event and this is why they do not want their users to use an application that utilizes the end-to-end encryption method. In other words, they want to have access to all the personal data of the users. But WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption method did not allow them to this.

Anyways, they have finally got into the method and the infamous firewall to discover and block the protocol which WhatsApp makes use of to secure their text messages.

While WhatsApp was highly popular in China, blocking this completely will affect the users greatly. However, they can look for other alternatives such as WeChat as well that do not follow any encryption method thus allow the Chinese government to have access to the user’s personal data.

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