At last GoPro has shared more details about the consumer 360-degree camera. It’s called the GoPro Fusion. It can capture almost up to 5.2K video at 30 frames per second which will beat the new Samsung Gear 360 and the Nikon KeyMission 360, which can capture 4K videos.

GoPro has not shared any further information about the specs or pricing. As a leading program, Fusion will be launched this summer, but it would be available for brands, agencies, content professionals only. That’s annoying, although we are familiar with the history of how GoPro usually launches its camera. The products are launched secretly. The new cameras were sent to athletes and professionals before they’re launched.

Capture photos first and select frame later from GoPro's new 360-degree camera
Capture photos first and select frame later from GoPro’s new 360-degree camera

A fascinating thing about the Fusion is that in the press release, GoPro tried it’s best to evade the term “360-degree“. Instead of that, the company emphasizes on a feature called “Over Capture“. It is not specified that these features are available in images or videos. Woodman said that Fusion is having the ability to capture every angle concurrently and gives you the experience of six GoPro cameras fused into one.

The industry is following this ruthless idea, and upon keen observation, we can conclude that it’s the future of the company. A wide range of cameras allows you to shoot a horde of frames first and select your favorite later.

Some of the latest smartphones are following this trend. When you shoot many photos at a time, the best frame of the picture is selected by Apple. Samsung’s and Google’s latest phones allow you take many pictures simultaneously and combine the best features in one image.

It’s all about shooting right thing at the right time. Taking pictures at the time in all directions is not a good idea as it can cause many problems like power shortage. But still, everyone is excited about Fusion.


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