If you have already ordered the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for your Xbox One then the good news for you is that now you can easily download the game’s beta version with ease. The Beta Version will give you the opportunity to enjoy the game in a multiplayer mode for the first time ever.

The Beta version was initially launched in PS4 and this launching was held last week so technically all those individuals who have PS4 at their disposal are enjoying every aspect of the beta version for at least 2 weeks now.

The launching of the Beta version on Xbox One has brought with it many new experiences and these experiences will be discussed in the coming Paragraphs

Call of Duty and the Launch of Infinite Warfare Beta on Xbox One
Call of Duty and the Launch of Infinite Warfare Beta on Xbox One

Download The Beta Version of Infinite Warfare

The first good thing is that as an individual you can easily download the beta version of Infinite Warfare for Xbox One. You can do the downloading from your PC and the game will get added to your list of available games in Xbox One. The Beta version contains some experiences of Multiplayer nature which mean that you cannot get the single-player experience here.

Another important aspect is that multiplayer experiences have been further improved and these experiences are much better than those which were launched for PS4. In the Xbox One multiplayer experience, you have around 5 Maps now as opposed to three initially. The names of the Maps are frontier, throwback, precinct, terminal and frost. Similarly, the types of Games available are 4 namely Domination, Frontline, Defender and Team Deathmatch.  Three combat rigs have also been introduced such as Synaptic, Warfighter, and Merc.

Get the Beta version as quickly as you can as not going for this version may serve as a loss for you. The experiences are unique and gameplay is excellent. We hope that you will enjoy each and every aspect of the Infinite Warfare Beta version.


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