A report on the security vulnerability in SwiftKey is being on the internet recently while some of the SwiftKey app users have stated that they getting the phone numbers and email address of strangers on their mobile device. For few days some users have complained about this issue while some are getting the email address and contact number of other people in the next word predictive bar, some other said that the language settings has been taken over in the app without their notice.

Such a user in Reddit has reported that suddenly he started getting predicted German words and as he does not know German, so it looked something odd to him.

A bug in SwiftKey accidentally leaks user Information, but nothing to panic
A bug in SwiftKey accidentally leaks user Information, but nothing to panic

However, the company has acknowledged the complaint saying there is a bug in the software and they have shut down the cloud synchronization feature in the app for the time being.

SwiftKey Makes Use of Small Personal Data of Users

This Microsoft-owned app is well known for its uses of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning tools in order to predict the words based on a user have typed before. In order to do so, SwiftKey makes use of small personal data of users such as email, previous texts, commonly used phrases etc for bolstering the database along with synchronization feature that keeps the user data updated across all devices.

But the company has declared that there is no need to panic and it is not related to any security matter. It’s just a bug in the software and they are working now on it to fix the issue as soon as possible. As of now the cloud sync service in the app is switched off and as they are updating the application, so the email prediction is also off. Moreover, the good things are that a large number of users is not being affected by this bug.