WhatsApp is one of the widely used and most popular messaging apps. It recently released a somewhat controversial update to the app. The new feature called “WhatsApp Status” was released last month.

The feature allowed the users to instantly share pictures or videos of their day and add some text to it. These statuses automatically disappeared after twenty-four hours. This feature sounded quite similar; people accused it of being a rip-off of the infamous app Snapchat.

WhatsApp Set to Bring Back the Good Old Text Status "WhatsApp Status"
WhatsApp Set to Bring Back the Good Old Text Status “WhatsApp Status”

This wasn’t the only reason for criticism; users claimed that they missed the good old text statuses of WhatsApp. They still needed their contacts to know whether they’re busy, have a low battery or are available.

It’s quite surprising that WhatsApp didn’t allow both of these features together. However, there is some good news for users who miss the old text status feature of one of the most popular and used messaging app.

The feature will be returning in the latest WhatsApp beta for Android, although the format won’t be quite the same. It will be the form of an “About” section which will be a new addition to the app.

This About section will allow the user to add anything about them; you could add a few lines about yourself or maybe let your contacts know if you’re available or not like before. This isn’t exactly a status, but it might help to counter the uproar the new update caused.

This update is only in the beta version of Android. So don’t be surprised if you are unable to see it yet. It is expected that soon it will come out of the Beta version and will be visible to everyone. This update is certainly good news for people who missed the old version but didn’t really mind the news status section of the App.


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