After releasing series of Far Cry 5 teaser trailer it is the artwork of the game revealed by Ubisoft which mainly highlight the antagonists of the game. This artwork offers a quick view of the villains’ character along with showing off some of the game plots.

This artwork is more of a sendup on the Vinci’s Last Supper and here the antagonists carry a look that is very similar to that of the Westboro Baptist Church style religious cult. And this is what turned the artwork into a political issue to raise a storm in many places including social media and Reddit.

A Brief On The Recently Revealed Far Cry 5 Artwork
A Brief On The Recently Revealed Far Cry 5 Artwork

The artwork shows a group of cult sitting together with a table in front of them. The cult leader sits in the middle while an alternate version of the American flag is draped over the table. The flag carries the symbol of the cult in place of the stars. The group also include a female member dressed in all white who might be the love interest of the main protagonist of the game. Also, the group has a wolf with red color plus symbol on the head.

A man who is bound and bleeding is noticed on the foreground in front of the cult group with the word sinner written on his back. He also has two tattoos on the arm which are not readable in the Far Cry 5 artwork. It seems he is the main protagonist of the game.

Coming to the background of the artwork, this is full of mountains, bi-planes, burning building, a radio tower, water tower etc. which altogether offer a glimpse of the carnage that will be received in the Far Cry 5. So, this artwork is mainly to focus the cult group and the game plot.

However, you need to wait a bit more to get a broader idea on the Far Cry 5.



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