Voice searches and interactions are becoming popular slowly. Bing and Google say that one out of four searches done is by talking instead of typing. This number is likely to reach 50% by 2020 according to comScore who also predict that there would be voice transactions worth $7 billion made by the same year just through Echo.

Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home apps are assisting the people in becoming used to voice. Using a few phrases the users can order a cab or a pizza on these voice-enabled devices.

Brands are Making Way for a Smarter Voice Technology
Brands are Making Way for a Smarter Voice Technology

For now, a small percentage of Alexa’s 25,000 voice skills have been branded, however, brand voices will get louder in the coming years.

Brands Accepting Voice Technology

Head of innovative technology for digital marketing agency 360i, Layne Harris said brands are accepting voice technology and making it an important marketing strategy. 360i recently launched a new practice which is directed towards Amazon in helping brands understand all about voice marketing.

When Patron was actually a part of Cocktail Lab when it was launched last year in July that had 50 bartenders across the world who created different new tequila-infused drinks. However, 350,000 consumers have taken part in Cocktail Lab and 10% come through Alexa Skill.

Voice was the first platform that let the bartenders experience something different than the conventional face-to-face experience they usually have.

A research director Gartner, Charles Golvin said that Campbell or Patron is not just getting the customers to enjoy more chicken soup or drink tequila but they are trying to “establish themselves as the voice of authority or curator across the broader product category that they serve”. It is all about being an expert in what you are dealing with.

The coming years will see a major acceleration in the technologies of human-computer interaction which include natural language processing, AI, AR, and chatbots. Smart brands are already prepping for something better than the voice apps of today.

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