Gone are the days of building blocks and playing dough, Bose has introduced a Bluetooth speaker kit for kids, which includes everything required to build the speaker. It is a fascinating idea that Bose has come up with. This technical toy for 8-year-olds is definitely going to be an amazing success.

The company aims to create a sense of curiosity by the means of hands-on experience for children and a tutorial to the science of how sound is created. The kit is for a mere $150 and includes everything required to make your own personalized speaker with different cover and color choices.


Dr. Amar Bose Was Captivated With Electronic Trains as a Kid Himself

The CEO of the company states about the source of inspiration of the entire idea of Bluetooth speaker kit for kids. It seems that the founder of the company Dr. Amar Bose was captivated with electronic trains as a kid himself. Mr. Bose learned the working of the electric train by breaking them down and studying how it works and assembling them back together. The CEO includes that he has had the same insatiable inquisitiveness throughout his life.

Now technology has made it possible for the children to experience something which was not possible until a few years back. The speaker cube intends to educate the kids on how a copper tube and magnet can create sound. There is a mobile app that comes along with the kit, it is for the children to understand the process of creation of sound, along with a video to explain each section in detail.

While creating their own cube speaker they can customize the strength of sound-wave, frequencies and the audio balance as per their wish. To maintain the thrill of creating the speaker the app has various levels which are locked, the only way to unlock the levels is by patiently going through each level to unlock the next. Only when the kids have gone through all the levels will they know how to build the entire speaker and in the end connect it to mobile or tablet devices and stream music.


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