Projected to release during late 2016 or by early 2017, Bluetooth 5.0 will have four times the range and double the speed of Bluetooth 4.0, the currently available version. SIG, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group hinted about the specifications of Bluetooth 5.0 during last fall and their recent announcement ensures that most of the specs are in line. Toby Nixon, the chairman of SIG group stated that there is a significant demand to enhance Bluetooth and they are working to provide the best experiences. Bluetooth 5.0 will be available to the manufacturers by fall of this year.

Bluetooth 5.0According to Mark Powell, the SIG executive director, increased speed will provide faster data transfer with fast software updates with devices while the improved operation range ensure connections to IoT (Internet of things) devices will be extended beyond the walls in the typical home. Also the next generation Bluetooth will make the adoption of location based services, beacons and other connectionless services more relevant due to its ability to broadcast a rich set of information.

The connectionless data transfer that is the richer set of information is the most important feature in Bluetooth 5.0 and it seems Bluetooth pairing process is going to be a past with consumers continuously trying to set wireless keyboards and connect wireless portable speakers with their Smartphone.

Richer Set of Information is The Most Important Feature in Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 is designed in a more smart way that can perfectly analyze the type of connection needed for information transferring. For example, Traveler can easily find out the nearby Starbucks in an airport without having any 4G or Wi-Fi connection while a Warehouse manager can perfectly pinpoint an item to the inventory only by walking through stack. While there are around 8.2 billion devices currently using Bluetooth, according to SIG, almost one third of all the IoT devices will have Bluetooth installed in them by 2020.


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