It was already expected and was also predicted by many experts that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be the part of headlines as soon as it is launched. Of course, this prediction was done on a positive note and yes headlines did come however the kind of headlines which came were unexpected and surprising.

2 sets of the phone were initially taken back and finally the whole stock was recalled due to some serious technical and life-threatening issues on the phone.

Launching of Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge on November 5
Launching of Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge on November 5

The reputation of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been hit severely in the market and we think that revival of this phone would take time hence as a backup strategy Samsung is relying on its Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge at least for the late-2016 buyers. It is quite evident from the developments which took place last week that the future strategy of Samsung is to enhance the sales of Galaxy S7 which is a new phone which they launched.

Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge

The color of the phone is Blue Coral. Recently Samsung Singapore has announced the coming of Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge, however, they have given the date of November 5 as its launching date.

A speculation in the market is that whether this announcement is only related to Singapore or the phone will be launched in other regions of the world as well on the specified date? Secondly, the announcement only specifies that Galaxy S7 Edge will be available in Blue Coral and there is no mentioning of the actual standard Galaxy S7.

Hence it is also speculated that coming phone will be a limited-edition color which has solely been reserved for the Galaxy S7 Edge. Everybody is waiting for November 5th as this is the date when all the suspense gets over and the market scenario clarifies.


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