Arc System Works uncovered a 2D fighting game BlazBlue Cross at the Evo 2017 fighting game championships. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle which comprises of three fighting-game franchises — Under Night In-Birth, Persona 4 Arena and BlazBlue.

The trailer of BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle shows that the game will have a two vs. two tag system that will let the players select two characters from every franchise. Besides this, there is not much that is known about the fighting techniques of the game as every game in this is different and has its own distinct characteristics. For now, there is nothing clear on how Arc System Works will manage this but details will be provided soon.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Announced at the Evo 2017 Fighting Game Championships
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Announced at the Evo 2017 Fighting Game Championships

Arc System Works said that the games would be launched for various consoles by 2018.

Besides this Trunks, the gamers favorite Dragon Ball character was also confirmed for Dragon Ball FighterZ at Evo. A trailer introduced the character and sign-ups for closed beta will start on July 26 for PS4 and Xbox one.

The fights in Dragon Ball FighterZ are fought in 2D but the game is rendered 3D which makes it remarkably beautiful just like Dragon Ball Z anime series. You have three vs. three fights. The Dragon Ball FighterZ is scheduled for release on 2018.

As for Tekken 7, Geese Howard is making an entry as DLC character. The trailer released will show what the character has to offer.

Geese Howard entered the game when the Ultimate Tekken Bowl mode was revealed – due for being implanted in games on August. Tekken 7 is available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The connection stability and online matchmaking problems were fixed in the patch that the developers released last month for the games.


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