Blackberry CEO John Chen has confirmed that the upcoming BlackBerry Mercury smartphone will be the last one from the undoubtedly-iconic mobile device company.

BlackBerry will bow out of the smartphone market for good as it prepares to bow out of the mobile market, as soon as it launched its final smartphone.

BlackBerry Mercury to be the seal of BlackBerry phones
BlackBerry Mercury to be the seal of BlackBerry phones

According to Express, That’s the news from CES 2017, where the company’s CEO has confirmed that the upcoming Mercury device is likely to be the last smartphone designed and built in-house by BlackBerry.

The BlackBerry Mercury was officially shown off publicly for the first time in Las Vegas this week and should be officially launched later this year. Chen said that the Mercury would be,

The last model we engineered and designed ourself, yes that will be the last one.

The company revealed last September that it would be leaving the smartphone business for good following a period of slow decline in market share.

It would now look to work with partner companies to build and distribute BlackBerry-branded devices across the world.

He noted,

What you’re going to see over time is more phones. There’s going to be more BlackBerry phones out there because now I have multiple parties creating and distributing and I have a local party to compete in the local space — countries which I normally can’t compete with.

Chinese firm TCL has already confirmed it has plans to release several BlackBerry smartphones later this year and is also working with the company on the Mercury.

The new Mercury is set to bring back the missed blackberry QWERTY keyboard alongside 4.2in touchscreen. Typical BlackBerry device is expected to take the place right after Apple’s iPhone, sporting a polished and round metal body, with of course the classic metal buttons of BlackBerry.


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