BlackBerry seems to be dwindling behind their competitors Samsung and Apple; which is why the company has now decided to outsource the production of their handsets to an Indonesian partner. With touch screens around people seem to care less for a physical keyboard.

PT Tiphone Mobile Indonesia Tbk will produce Blackberry handsets under their licence while Blackberry will be paid a royalty on the devices sold. The Canadian firm has decided to distillate in ameliorating their software and services.

Blackberry Falls: The Firm Outsource Its Handset Production
Blackberry Falls: The Firm Outsource Its Handset Production

The chief executive of the company, John Chen said that the company had touched an enunciation point with stratagem. They have a good pecuniary foundation and their pivot of software has started to strengthen its roots and the firm was looking to double their revenue of software from the last financial year. He disclosed that the business would not undertake any hardware developments which would aid in the reduction of capital wants and augment the returns on capital invested.

Blackberry decided to move their focus to software and security applications once the Android and iOS devices started to get dominant. Hoping to get back its lost glory, Blackberry had launched its Android operative handset last year but the device failed to capture hearts. And today with their recent announcement Blackberry is completely out of the market of handsets.

Back in 2013, Blackberry had launched their Blackberry 10 software with the Z10 handset but Android and iOS seemed to be much ahead of them.

Despite having a loyal group of users Blackberry was unable to match shoulders with Apple and Samsung. The company seems to have committed too many blunders according to mobiles expert at, Ernest Doku.

The outsourcing has already begun and by the end of this year, BlackBerry will withdraw completely.


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