BitTorrent announced of bringing a new app called as “BitTorrent Now” for the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV that is aimed to make the process of accessing the videos and music easier from the new and unknown artists. This app will let users streaming innumerable and varieties of music, videos from the independent and unknown artist, filmmakers etc. Even though many users associate the term “BitTorrent” with piracy but it is to mention that this app will not let the users access any illegal content rather it will be comprised of content that is perfectly legal.

BitTorrent Announced BitTorrent Now For The iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

BitTorrent Now app: A New Way Of Streaming Music And Videos
BitTorrent Now app: A New Way Of Streaming Music And Videos

This new service will act very much like all other streaming services where users are first required to open the app after which they will have the ability to choose any kind of content from several options available. Some of the content will be perfectly free while some will be paid and it will also include ads in some content. But the good thing is all the content will be legal and uploaded by its creators. Also not just music and videos rather the VR content will be supported by this BitTorrent Now app.

Bundled format is being used by BitTorrent in the BitTorrent Now an app that is the users need to either go through a sign in or pay procedure before they can look at the file. Though this app is not using any peer-to-peer technology at the launch but this is temporary as the company is working now on developing a peer-to-peer component.

Creators are provided with enough opportunity to upload their content on YouTube, Facebook etc, while according to BitTorrent the biggest selling point of the creators is no restriction included and they can upload the content everywhere in all format.

The app is now available on android and will soon be rolled out to iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.


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