Bill Maris, the investor, founder and chief executive of Alphabet Inc.’s venture capital Google Ventures is departing and as the reason of his departing, he stated that as everything is right, so he is leaving.

Now known as GV, Google Ventures was started in 2009 by Bill Maris and he built this GV into one of the more eccentric venture firms depending on the data science for investment decision along with an endless stream of capital from Google Inc. Founded in 2009, this GV has then invested in more than 300 companies which include Uber technologies, and more.

Bill Maris, The Founder Of Google Ventures Quits
Bill Maris, The Founder Of Google Ventures Quits

David Krane is to Replace Bill Maris Who is From The Current GV Deputies

David Krane is to replace Bill Maris who is from the current GV deputies. The founder spoke with Recode on Wednesday night about his departure and stated that he has spent long 8 years in this GV and now it’s time to depart as he is willing to spend some quality time with his 11 months old baby and wife. He also went on to say that this is the perfect time to leave as everything is all right and he wants his dear friend David Krane to take care of everything who is well capable of that.

According to the founder of GV, the team in the ventures firm is very caring, helpful and he is proud to have a team like this from where he learnt a lot. Also, he stated that this change will not have any impact on Alphabet as they have worked independently from the day 1.

When asked about his next move, his answer was like, he is not sure of that, he started investment career as it is very leveraging but he can do anything, so who knows if he becomes a magician later on.


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