Most smart products can be divided into two categories: where a tech company wants to produces some smart product or a company already making low-tech non-smart products wishes to make their products more in tune with modern and controllable via mobile technology. Mission Bicycle is a company that produces that second category of products. Their bikes are mostly still bikes with a few smart features here and there. The Lyra is Mission Bicycles new smart bike funded using kick starter after two previously launched successfully kick starters.

The bike is entirely powered by the user, no motors what so ever to assist in movement of any kind. The frame of the bike has integrated lights built into it. The company claims that the lights offer near complete 360-degree visibility. The bike also comes with a built-in GPS that helps users track their bikes at all times using after connecting to it through a smartphone app. These smart tech features are powered by a small removable battery.

More Bike than Smart, Lyra
More Bike than Smart, Lyra

The charging system is ingenious as the cylindrical battery has a microUSB port built into it. It is claimed that the battery will last a full month before it runs dry. The Lyra comes in two variants: a $999 single speed variant and a $1449 8 speed version. The GPS is also considered an additional option by the company and is not standard on any of the two variants of the bike.

The additional cost for the GPS has not been revealed as of yet. For a simple looking bike with a few tech features, this one is an expensive option. Both variants of the bike are welded in Taiwan and then sent to San Francisco for final assembly. The bikes are expected to be made available to the general public by January 2018.


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