The Apple iPhone has made its mark in the smartphone world. It is the premium product that everyone wants to have and has risen to the highest steps of the mobile tech stairs. Every time a new iPhone comes out people line up by the hundreds. It’s no surprise that such a popular device will have rumors surrounding each new iteration and one of the rumors surrounding the iPhone 8 is that it will have a curved screen.

The rumor began in November 2016, when an article in the Wall Street Journal claimed that the iPhone 8 had a total of 10 prototypes, a few of which were curved.

Biggest iPhone 8 Rumors maybe just be a hoax
Biggest iPhone 8 Rumors maybe just be a hoax

However, it appears that the rumor has been debunked and that Apple will stick with a flat screen. A new MacRumors report claims that there will indeed not be a curved iPhone. It claimed that many people familiar with the issue say that it will have gentle curves around the edges, much like the iPhone 7.

This was very interesting as fans would want something from Apple to take on the Samsung S series Edge variants. It would also change the way it looked, as many previous iPhones have almost all looked the same, and add to the depth of the design.

Other rumors around the iPhone say that it will adopt a glass back cover, ditching the metal back of the previous few generations and returning to the nostalgic feel of the iPhone 4. This one is plausible as many new smartphones and tablets are shifting to shiny glass backs.

Another rumor is that the new iPhone will have a large 5.8-inch screen, alongside rumors of it having 5.1 and 5.5-inch screens. The iPhone 8 will mark the 10th Anniversary of the Apple iPhone.


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