We are approaching close to an age when the line between science and science fiction will blur by the technology enabling mind reading, hacking and stealing very simple.

None of us is unfamiliar with what is hacking. We keep our cell phones, smartphones and computers with protection to deal with hacking and stealing threats.

Beware – The Era of Mind Reading and Mind Hacking is about to Begin
Beware – The Era of Mind Reading and Mind Hacking is about to Begin

Hackers are an always a threat to us as they can steal information, product malware, etc.

From young smartphone users to mature database organizations of government fear to hack and stay prepared to deal with them.

With this world-famous threat of hacking, around all of us know how to cope with problems and what are safety safeguards, but this threat is going to be upgraded.

Tamara Bonaci, the researcher at the University of Washington, unveiled a technology at the Enigma Security Conference that can hack human brains.

She made the tech around a game named “Flappy Whale“. When the users played the game, her tech was capable to secretly take out neural activities to subliminal images in the game just as restaurants, cars, logos, etc.

Here it comes, the hacking into man’s underlying thoughts and feelings about looking at a fast food restaurant is not like fearing a lot of disasters, but the real thing is the potential of this tech.

It can gather lots of more intimate detail about someone’s fears, health, religion, planning, prejudices, likes, and dislikes, etc.

The potentials go high from more powerful military devices in future to highly frightening interrogation tools.

Bonaci’s technology concentrates on cyber privacy and security, especially in connection with biomedical gadgets.

The information that is used in her research to get on neural responses is collected from a persons’ electro-physical signals.

She claims that people will be giving away information without being aware of that through her technology in future.


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