From American agency CIA, Wikileaks has issued the index of secret tools used in hacking. The tools include Android, Windows, Apple and even Lennox Computers. According to the report by Wikileaks, CIA has used the current mobile software, the internet and smart TV as spy tools. Besides, by spying video calling on Skype and WiFi networks, political leaders, government workers, and even common people have been spied by CIA.

The hacking tools involve software that used android, apple software, windows operating system and Lennox computers for this purpose.

Beware, Your Computer, TV and Mobile are Spying You
Beware, Your Computer, TV, and Mobile are Spying You

The report tells that various software used by CIA for hacking were designed by the agency itself. On the other hand, the British secret agency MI5 has helped CIA to design software that helped the company in hacking via smart TV.

On Wikileaks, no responses have been recorded by CIA or British secret agency. The use of TV, mobile software, and computer for hacking predicts a danger for not only political and government groups, but also for common man.

TV, mobile, and computer are present in around every home at the present. People cannot take them out of their lifestyle or commercial set up on the basis of hacking threat. But, the Wikileaks has exposed an upcoming hacking challenge for everybody in connection with these very common technologies.

The leaks have produced a pervasive fear among people, especially political and commercial bodies whose information is, somehow, more credential than others. The modern hacking threat has generated a big danger for all users of TV, mobile, and computers.

It seems just like Wikileaks has unveiled a fact via unveiling CIA that while being in touch with these techs, one needs to be watchful and apply necessary protection policies designed to keep the hacking threats off.


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