Keylogger is a very old and powerful software that is able to record every single keystroke we make on our computer. So, this is really helpful which can monitor the PC perfectly, be it a Mac or Windows PC. However, the tools are different for Mac and Windows PC and if you are searching for the best keylogger for Mac, this article is for as we have listed here the top best keystroke recorder. So, have a read to know the list of best keyloggers for Mac.

Best Keylogger Software To Monitor Your Mac
Best Keylogger Software To Monitor Your Mac

Top 4 Best Keylogger for Mac

Elite Keylogger

While the market is filled with several free and paid keylogger, Elite Keylogger for Mac is definitely one of the best choices that are designed with simplicity in mind. You should not be an IT expert in order to use it, rather just download, install and it will start recording every single stroke along with other tasks hassle-free.

Apart from recording the stroke, the other tasks of this software include taking screenshots, capturing username, password, recording chat & email, tracking the websites visited etc, after which all the recorded stuff will be sent to you in your email. However, there are many more reasons to choose this software over others. Also, it remains hidden in the Mac and does all the tasks secretly in the background. So, what can be better than this one? This is the reason Elite Keylogger is considered as one of the best monitoring software for Mac. Just download it and give it a try to explore this best keylogger.

This one is definitely is the best keyboard monitor software for Mac, but there are much more to mention and the 3 best are explained here.

Aobo Mac Keylogger

This is the second best keylogger for Mac which comes wrapped with excellent features. You can handle it hassle free even though you are not a genius in computer handling. Features such as recording keystrokes, taking the desktop screenshot and sending them to your email secretly are some of the very useful ones. However, if you wish the software to record the password as well, you need to look for the professional edition which is a paid version and will cost you around $149.95

Refog Keylogger

This is another top best keylogger for Mac which includes a very clean and simple interface to allow everyone to use it with ease. This software is able to monitor all the activities and can send you all the details through email. However, this is a paid keylogger and you are required to spend $82 to get it on your Mac. Anyways, a trial version is always available that you can test before buying it which is accessible after a short registration process.

Perfect Keylogger

The name itself suggests that this is a perfect keylogger for Mac. It is definitely one of the keylogger tools for Mac that comes integrated with all the basic features. But the password recording feature is not included in the free version and you need to pay an additional $44.95 for it. Any trial version is not available for this software.

So, these are the Top 4 Best Keylogger for Mac which will help you keep an eye on the PC even when you are not present.

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