Besedo, the global data-driven content moderation company, provides a formal warning to online marketplaces, trading platforms, and consumers during and after the release of Apple’s iPhone 8. While the release of the new iPhone is predicted to be September 12th, Besedo warns consumers and marketplaces alike of promises for obscure offerings of the new phone during and after its launch.

For marketplaces, fake ads for iPhones on your site can result in scammers sending fake products or selling consumer data on your behalf, avalanching into floods of customer support tickets and claim processes. No matter how well marketplaces handle these issues as a site and organization, it’s costly in both monetary ways, deteriorates branding, and creates the poor user experience.

Besedo, Warns Online Marketplaces of Fraudulent iPhone 8 Advertisements on September 12th, 2017 Release Date
Besedo, Warns Online Marketplaces of Fraudulent iPhone 8 Advertisements on September 12th, 2017 Release Date

Besedo strongly urges marketplaces to protect their consumers and site credibility by taking action in content moderation. Keep up to date on global events and popular culture to help predict what scammers could be targeting to prepare your marketplace for protection.

The [content moderation] industry is not static, laws change and scams are always evolving. A growing trend by scammers, for instance, is to contact sellers and buyers through onsite chat functions to circumvent traditional moderation and avoid detection by the marketplaces themselves. As such it is vital that content moderation initiatives cover both listings and onsite chat through either human moderation, AI moderation or a combination of the two, Frisk said.

Common warning signs of fraudulent iPhone advertisements


  • Photos containing more than one product
  • No display of model number
  • Photos not available at all


  • Generally being offered between 30-50% cheaper than market prices
  • Inconsistent price messaging i.e. more than one price listed on the same ad


  • Messaging claiming products were pre-ordered from Apple
  • Sellers claim having received extra iPhones as a gift, but don’t need it, therefore selling the extras
  • Alternate titles are used to avoid being caught in filters. I.e. iPhone Eight, iPh0ne 8, iPhone___8
  • Verbiage such as “All accessories included with warranty“, “Still sealed, never been opened”, offers for global distribution, and beta product versions

User Information

  • Accounts commonly generated under female usernames
  • Free email domains including, but not limited to: Outlook, Gmail, and Hotmail
  • No available phone number

Scammers are banking on early adopters willing to do anything to get the iPhone 8 before their friends. Scammers have many tactics to lure eager buyers, alas, they are all lies to make money off of a highly desired global product.

Said Patrik Frisk, CEO of Besedo.

Besedo manages and protects content for leading online market sites in 37 countries globally. General moderation practice includes checking for proper language, ads, and image use to ensure all adhere to site guidelines. Read more about the official iPhone launch.

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