Apple’s digital personal assistance Siri can act as a life saver as well apart from helping you in accomplishing other tasks and this has made a headline while an Australian mother shared her real life story how Siri has helped her 1-year daughter’s life by calling an ambulance while she was performing CPR.

Australian Mother shared her real life story how Siri

The Australian woman Stacey Gleeson stated that she carried her iPhone 6S in her baby’s room to check her but accidentally dropped it while turning on the light to find out her baby stopped breathing. She sat on the floor with the baby in lap and yelled at Siri for calling an ambulance as she was not in the condition the find out the iPhone that was dropped. The worried mother then asked Siri to get the emergency service on speaker phone while performing CPR on the 1-year-old baby. Thankfully the ambulance was on the way before she could do anything and her little baby Giana started breathing again. The baby had a chest infection and bronchiolitis, however, she has recovered fully now.

Australian Mother Uses Hey Siri
Australian Mother Uses Hey Siri

The incident took place in March but got a headline recently after the mother contacted Apple. The baby’s father Nic Gleeson also mentioned that all the iPhone users should be well aware of this feature that can act as a real life saver in need the way it acted for their daughter’s life.

This Hey Siri feature is available in many of the Apple devices but should be activated first in order to use it in need. The activation is much easier that require you to follow some easy and simple steps. Just head towards Settings > General > Siri and follow the on-screen instruction to turn on Hey Siri on your iOS device.


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