Australian entrepreneur reveals brain-controlled telepresence robot. Teleport utilizes brain controlling interface to follow the focal point of a user’s mind and serve various fields of life

Australian Developer has released a telepresent robot that will let the users attend school or work distantly. People, with a limited mobility of upper limb, will remotely attend tasks through this off-the-shelf mind controlling interface costing 200 UDDs.

Australian entrepreneur reveals'brain-controlled' telepresence robot
Australian entrepreneur reveals ‘brain-controlled’ telepresence robot

Melbourne-based firm Aubot has created the brain controlling robot that is telepresent for doing the user’s task. The dubbed Teleport makes in using the MindWave brain controlling system to track the user’s mind focus. It works on the thinking pattern of the user when he/she focus over a particular entrance, the telepresent assistant moves.

The user needs to blink his eyes two times to let the machine move forward, backward, right or left from as long as 1.1m to 1.7m. the users will also be able to control this robot through Android smartphones with an internet connection as well as via a tablet supporting touchscreen functions. There is a great angle lens to support a great view-field. Besides, the sensors fixed at back and front put off accidents.

Transportation cost and time are saved on by teleport; it provides the user with options in where he communicates, where he looks and where he travels remotely when he cannot be there, claimed by Aubot founder and Marita Cheng, the Young Australian of 2012.

Our users say that the experience is 100 per cent better and more immersive than they expected, (Cheng)

Currently, Aubot got 50,000 USD by Optus for telco’s OFM (Optus Future Makers plan) to grant teleports to countrywide cancer support company, Canteen. Through this telepresent reports, children suffering from cancer and admitted to hospitals for long durations are able to attend their school classes regularly.


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