AT&T is finally getting rid of their overages fees on the mobile data plans and is introducing a new mobile data plan called as Mobile share advantage. This plan will be launched on August 21st that will bring some noticeable changes in the bucket plan while the chances of being shocked with the unlimited bill are also coming to an end.

The lowest plan starts at $30. However, the device access charge is always applicable irrespective of any kind of devices you are using on the account.

AT&T To Introduce Mobile Share Advantage Plan
AT&T To Introduce Mobile Share Advantage Plan

There is a big change in the monthly plan and while the price starts at $30, the buyers will be benefitted from the bucket data plans. While earlier users had to pay $100 to get 15GB bucket data plus the device access charge, now users can enjoy 16GB data at $90. So, no doubt AT& T is providing more for less. However, at $30 you will get now only 1GB data while it was 2GB in the previous plan. But considering most of their users prefer to go for the larger data bucket, this change will definitely satisfy the end users.

Again you can save great money on the bill now as AT&T will no more assume that you require more data rather it will slow down the speed to 128 kbps as you cross the monthly plan. While you can always choose to go for higher speed data after that it won’t be automatically assumed by AT&T.

Even though the plans are changes but the core features of each plan will remain same. So, you will expect the same unlimited talk and text, rollover data, mobile hotspot usage, unlimited texting to over 120 countries, unlimited texting and calling from the US to Canada or Mexico etc. Additionally, now all paying for minimum 10GB will be benefitted from free roaming in Mexico.


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