As the digital age takes over, the need for access to the internet increases. A new way of providing a fast link to the internet is through optical fiber technology. It works on flashes of light from the transmitter to receiver. Fiber Internet to the home, however, is still a growing technology and a big name in communication is increasing its fiber-based service range.

AT&T announced on 23rd March 2017 that it will increase its fiber-based internet service in major a total of 17 major metro areas that currently operate AT&T fiber as well as the addition of other areas. It plans to expand to 67 cities (12.5 million homes) by mid-2019. AT&T provides fiber internet to many locations such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and Chicago.

AT&T to Continue its Increasing Fiber Internet
AT&T to Continue its Increasing Fiber Internet

They also have service in much mid-sized and/or smaller cities in the southern and mid-western regions of the U.S.A. However, they lack service in key areas such as San Francisco Bay and New York City, these being some of the largest metropolitan areas in the US. AT&T plans to bring speeds of 1,000 Mbps to 4 million homes, however in this will be a lot lower in real.

The packages they offer start at $80 and go up to $119. Although this isn’t cheap and won’t necessarily sell like hot cakes, it is a step in the right direction, both for AT&T and the fiber-based internet service industry.

Other telecom companies, such as Comcast and Verizon, may soon follow in AT&T’s footsteps and expand their reach into the industry. The only non-telecom company to offer gigabit speeds over fiber is Google with its Google Fiber. But for the past few years, Google Fiber hasn’t seen much success and the decision by AT&T may even lead them to ditch the optic fiber scene entirely.

AT&T is a huge telecom company and has spent billions of dollars over several years in developing the infrastructure necessary for the fiber internet. It is definitely hard to compete against.


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