Home robot project is around for a long while but hardly any robot could make it to the home market. But now the market is already set to explode and the Computex Trade show in Taipei on 30th May portrayed some hopeful pictures.

On the very first day of Computex 2016 Conference held in Taipei, Asus revealed a cute talking robot especially designed for the home priced at just $599, the price of a PC better said. Asus chairman Jonney Shih shared the stage with that cute robot named Zenbo, a rolling and tiny sized device that speak in the voice of a child and can follow and help you in your every household job.

Home robot Zenbo

The Cute And Cheaper Home Robot For Perfect Assistance At Home

The laptop manufacturing company Asus pitched the robot as a personal assistant that can take care of the relatives and old people, remind to take a pill or to leave for some meeting or appointment, read stories for kids etc. Also it can take photos, capture videos, play music and dance of course in its way, do online shopping, unlock the door, alert when someone falls at home, indicate who is at the door, make phone calls and receive call as well, entertain kids various ways, find and read out the recipes to help you in cooking and more. In one word, this small and tiny home robot Zenbo is able to do everything you would expect from the personal assistance.

It is about two feet high and rolls on wheels. An attached display show the animated face of the robot which is also used for streaming videos or making video calls. But it can’t climb the staircase due to the wheels, so this is one thing to consider while ordering for one.

We have always dreamt of having such a good companion and Asus have finally made it possible that all can own for the price of a PC.


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