The role of calendar app cannot be overlooked in this competitive world where managing the to-do list and appointments act as one of the key to success. This has compelled all the busy professionals to get a highly functional and useful calendar app in their tablets or Smartphone. CloudCal and CloudTask are two such useful calendar apps from Pselis which if downloaded and used together can take your productivity to a great level and the company is now planning to take things a step ahead by introducing the natural language support which will be accomplished through the artificial intelligence based Smart bot feature.

Smart Bot Feature
Smart Bot Feature

This feature is all set to launch today (23d June) which will make its debut in the CloudCal and CloudTask apps. This Smart bot feature captures the tasks and events just like human and turn the natural phrases into actionable terms. The phrases either can be typed or else can be speak out by making the voice input feature on after which the relevant field will be filled up automatically. Here are some examples of how this Smart bot feature will actually work in CloudCal and CloudTask app.

Just say “have a meeting tomorrow at 4 pm” or else “have an appointment with the doctor next week” and it will automatically create an event filling the relevant field such as date, time, and event description automatically.

Smart Bot Feature Will Prove To Be Very Useful in Various Cases

Smart Bot feature will prove to be very useful in various cases like when your two hands are busy and you want to create the event right then.

CloudCal and CloudTask are available for free download in the Play store while there is also a plan to bring the iOS version later on so as to help more users in effortlessly managing their events.



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