Augmented Reality is still not a common term but tech giants are all going for it. Microsoft, Facebook, and Google all have AR and now Apple has also indulged in this drive with iOS 11. They are adding a developer toolset known as ARKit which aids in creating augmented experiences on iPad and iPhones.

With the ARKit you can place objects in 3D in the real world, look at them through your screen and move them around or place them anywhere on the screen as you like. The demo that was given by Apple saw that these 3D objects could cast realistic 3D shadows and also stay in place when you move.

ARKit, Apple's Augmented Reality Looks Amazingly Good
ARKit, Apple’s Augmented Reality Looks Amazingly Good

The ARKit combines camera information and motion sensing on the phone to track virtual objects realistically. The ARKit clearly identify edges and surface, place objects in the right place and make out the environmental lighting to form shadows for the 3D objects. Additionally, it adds graphics punch through Unreal Engine 4, Apple’s Metal and Unity and creates graphics of iOS game in AR apps.

The overall result is quite amazing computer generated object which looks to live in the actual world, upholding its position and lighting like the remaining details on the screen.

ARKit Works Perfectly

The ARKit works perfectly with iPhone 6S or SE and later iPad Pros or Apple’s new 9.7 inch iPad that was launched just this year. It makes use of the cameras which are already present on these devices.

In the demo that Apple gave, there was a lamp and some other objects like vase, cup and saucer and other objects on a wooden table. The table was real whereas the lamp and cup were not. The objects did not have any jitteriness and were quite stable when they were moved.



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