Augmented Reality (AR) is the latest way of experiencing entertainment. Alongside Virtual Reality (VR), it is set to revolutionize thing such as gaming and watching movies in the near future. Many companies have delved into one or both of the up and coming technologies, such as Facebook, Samsung, and Sony. One of the newest entrant into the AR market might just be Apple.

It is reported that Apple is stocking up on resources for AR development later on. These resources include internal and external talent. It has also been acquiring companies and entities that deal with 3D AR and VR gaming, software, and hardware.

The AR scene maybe changed by Apple
The AR scene may be changed by Apple

These include former employees of Microsoft, Google Dolby and even Hollywood special effects artists and experts. The executive director for apps and media at Strategy Analytics, David MacQueen, said:

We’ve been waiting for Apple to launch something in AR after its acquisition of a number of AR companies, including Metaio and FlyBy Media. Right now, there’s no company really taking a strong position in AR, at least from a consumer perspective. The most advanced product is Microsoft’s HoloLens, but that is squarely aimed at enterprise users and has a price tag to match.

Apple has many reasons for the shift of focus to AR market. It has been regularly criticized in the past for a lack and degradation of innovation, since the passing of Steve jobs. The previous iPhones have, almost, even looked the same.

So an AR ready smartphone or another such gadget could help it bring more innovation to its product line. It goes without saying that Apple also like to make huge profits, as is the case with iPhones, and an AR gadget would definitely have a hefty price tag.

However, Apple inclusion into the fray could definitely help boost the development of the new technology.


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