On this 1st April, Google celebrated the April Fools’ Day by transforming your neighborhood into Pac-Man. Every year, Google is known for their creativity and fun, light pranks to bring a smile on their users’ faces. However, this particular prank didn’t seem quite creative since it sounds a bit too familiar. On this April Fools’ Day, Google reused its 2015 idea. In 2015, Google Maps was turned into Pac-Man game as a prank. This is not the first time as Google puts prank videos and Easter eggs on every April Fools’ Day.

This time Ms. Pac-Man gave Google Maps a visit. To turn your map into a Ms. Pac-Man game, you just have to click on the pink button on the right corner. In 2015, the current location of the user was automatically turned into a game level, but this time this is not the case. Google Maps takes you to a totally randomized place in the Map and if you defeat the ghosts, five lives are given to you as a reward. It is also reported that ISO version of Google Maps, allows you to pick the location of your choice, meanwhile a randomized spot is chosen for the Android users.

Google Celebrates April Fools' Day by Turning Google Maps into Ms. Pac-Man Game
Google Celebrates April Fools’ Day by Turning Google Maps into Ms. Pac-Man Game

You can turn your favorite location into a Ms. Pac Man game. The web version seems to support pick-your-own levels. But if you only click the button it simply takes you to the zoomed in map view of the current location. Pac-Man earned popularity among the people in 2015. No wonder why Google has reused its idea and introduced Ms. Pac-Man this time.

This wasn’t the only April Fools’ Prank this year; there were a bunch of others including Google assistant giving some silly advice to users. Google also released a new line of ridiculous accessories of Chromebook as a prank too.

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