It has been a tradition to start April with a bunch of fun-filled, sometimes annoying, pranks. Countless brands and news channels tend to trick people with their light-hearted jokes. The Tech world is not any behind; this year we got to see some of the best jokes from tech giants like Google, Snapchat, Hulu, T-Mobile and much more.

But Google certainly wins the contest by playing not just one, but many pranks this year. However, Snapchat’s prank was the most savage. (They introduced an Instagram filter showing that Snapchat too can copy Facebook. But thankfully just for a day.)

April Fools' Day 2017: Some Best Pranks Played by Google
April Fools’ Day 2017: Some Best Pranks Played by Google
  1. Pac-Man

The first prank that caught everyone’s eye was the conversion of Google Maps to Pac-Maps. This idea isn’t exactly new since Google has done this before in 2015 but however, it was fun to see Google Maps turning into a Ms. Pac-Man game.

  1. Google Gnome

Google also introduced “Google Gnome” as a prank. They released a video, showing all the “great” features of Google Gnome that could make your yard smart. It rejects “indoor requests” and tells you that all living things decompose, including you.

  1. Chromebook Accessories

Google also released a bizarre line of Google Chromebooks as a prank, including a selfie stick for Chromebook Flip. You can even track your fitness through Chromebook Workout Armband or go into the world of VR.

  1. Google Assistant

Google Assistant also joined the bandwagon by giving some ridiculous suggestions if you ask it about April Fools’ Day Pranks.

  1. A Data Center on Mars

Google played a prank on its users saying that Google Cloud is going to put a data center on Mars of if “Earth experiences another asteroid strike like the one that wiped out the dinosaurs, your cat videos, selfies and other data will still be safe”.

The list doesn’t stop there; from Google Translate understanding Alien language to Google Play for pets, Google just outdid their April Fools’ pranks this year.


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