With the year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2017 events taking place in Las Vegas from January 8th, 2017; the most exciting thing that could happen is the launch of the official mobile app of the CES 2017.

Yes, you heard that right! CES has launched its own official mobile app which would guide and help the participants of the CES event 2017 in maximizing the overall experience of the grand event.

Application Advices for CES 2017 Attendees
Application Advices for CES 2017 Attendees

International CES or the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2017; is a renowned electronics and recent technology trade show held on an international level. Every year, it takes place in Las Vegas and this year too, the participants including the speakers and attendees at the conference are all super excited. The main motive of the CES event which takes place on an annual level is to attract the major technological giants and leading companies from the around the world to attend the conference.

Below are 5 apps no conference attendee should be without:

  1. CES 2017: As the official app of CES 2017, users are able to get the information they need about speaking sessions, panels and networking opportunities (available for iOS and Android)
  2. FullContact: FullContact syncs, manages and backups contacts across multiple devices, so when networking with speakers and/or participants, make sure your address book is up-to-date and reliable (available for iOS and Android)
  3. Vegaster: Have time between session to catch a show or hit the slots? Vegastar allows users to research and book restaurant reservations, VIP concierge services, show, tours, nightclub bottle service and transportation instantly. (available for iOS and Android)
  4. Any.do: Any.do is a feature-packed app for creating to-do lists, reminders, events and other notes for getting things done. It’s difficult to keep track of event schedules and priorities while at the conference. Any.do is a feature-packed app that enables users to create to-do lists, reminders, events and other notes for getting things done. city (available for iOS and Android)
  5. CityHour: Search for nearby people from a particular industry or similar networking goals and request a meeting. This app helps business professionals find people within a 50-mile radius interested in meeting in-person to collaborate (available for iOS)

CES 2017 Mobile App

CES 2017 Mobile App
CES 2017 Mobile App

The official app of the CES is here which goes by the name CES 2017 and is available for download on Android as well as iOS mobile devices. The participants of the conference of CES 2017 which is taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States; must have the official CES 2017 mobile app installed on their smartphones to enrich the overall experience of the professional conference. The users just need to search for the official CES App and download it on their smartphones as they proceed to attend the informative and world-class conference of the electronics and technology. The app is available for Apple, Android, and Windows devices and can be easily found on the Internet and download to enhance the experience during the conference.

As you prepare to attend the prestigious CES 2017 conference in Las Vegas, you must be aware of some of the striking features of the official app of CES 2017 to help you out. Have a read:

  • The App contains a full list of events, exhibitors, speakers, attendees and all the relevant information in relation to the CES conference 2017. The users can get easy access to the entire show floor of the CES conference, 2017 with a simple tap on their smartphone.
  • The App would also display the full schedule of the various events that will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center during the CES 2017 conference. These would include information about the conference sessions, SuperSessions, keynote addresses, media events, events and awards and so more. All these can be looked upon and scheduled as per your convenience with a simple touch.
  • The CES 2017 app also features a speaker directory which will display all the speakers at the conference including the conference sessions, SuperSessions, and keynote events.
  • The users can even create a personal show schedule by making certain events, speakers, or exhibitors as their favorites. This will display the users their list of must-see speakers and exhibitors.
  • The app comes with a 3D-enabled map which would reflect and guide the visitors to the event venues and wherever the users might wish to go on the show floor.
  • The users also get the opportunity to make connections or network with other attendees or the visitors to the CES 2017 conference.
  • The users can sync their schedule with their Personal Show Plan by connecting with the Linkedin account.

Are you all set to visit the CES 2017 conference in Las Vegas? Just double check all your necessary to-do lists and do not forget to download the all-new official CES 2017 mobile app on your Android, Windows or Apple smartphone to enhance your experience at the renowned conference. Have fun!



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