The globally renowned manufacturer of PCs and Printers is hoping to take on Apple in the Laptop industry after five months of its historic splits. The company’s top priority is to focus on Premium Products as it searches for fresh sources of growth. The Chief Executive Dion Weisler shared his thoughts recently.

Apple’s Share of Premium Laptop Market Targeted by HP
Apple’s Share of Premium Laptop Market Targeted by HP

He said:

I think we are pretty effective with building a premium line to take on share in Apple’s traditional space

He said, pointing to HP’s newest laptops.

Over the last five to six years, we weren’t doing enough at the high end

A trend that HP wants to imitate is the increase in sales of MacBook by 2013 while the international PC market was shrinking.

The firm is working on a plan to lessen the number of employees to save the cost. The CEO of HP is unsure about an uptick in the constantly declined PC market. Due to the predictions of Tech Analysts, there would be 9% fall in sales of HP. The weaker yen and a strong dollar is another challenge for HP for which the company had to reduce their costs.

The company is paying more attention to low-cost laptops i.e. Chromebooks which have made a slight rise in the sales. The company needs to have more investments in offering premium products like Apple. There will be $600m of restructuring and cost activity payments required to the company.

Let’s see, whether HP would be able to compete Apple after working on this plan or not.


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