Apple reported on Thursday its first unique TV series, and it will explore the mobile telephone application ecosystem the organization creates only a couple of years ago.

Apple's First TV Series
Apple’s First TV Series

Apple has joined enormous names for the nerdy production exploring the App Store, including executive producers Ben Silverman and performer The series is said to be unscripted, and Apple hasn’t released a date the show will air or who it will star. Ben Silverman said:

We can truly tell their stories as we explore how applications are developed and created and incubated.

This is a new move for Apple and was rumored for months. Unique content could be a valuable expansion of Apple’s rumored TV service and could help the organization some assistance with differentiating itself in the crowded streaming market as it looks to build out its Internet services division. On Thursday, Eddy Cue who oversees iTunes and Apple Music at Apple said:

We’ve seen some originaly inspiring and incredible stories from our developers in what they’ve done, where they come from, how they began and the issues they’ve solved.

It’s odd Apple didn’t choose to report the series amid its media event earlier this week, alongside its Apple Music association with Vice to stream “The Score,” a six-episode series exploring local music scenes around the globe.

Silverman, who was key in the hit TV show “The Office”, conveyed the thought to Apple, as indicated by the New York Times.


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