Overcast is one of the finest and famous podcast apps for iOS. There is a new update available which allows you to send podcasts individually to the Apple Watch and you can listen to them even when your phone is out of range. In spite of the fact that you can send a playlist of audio files from the Music app, but Apple’s Podcasts app lacks this feature.

The Apple Watch is quite similar to an Apple’s iPod that is popular these days, but the missing feature of podcasts is unusual. Apple is gradually making it more fascinating by allowing you to use the watch in the absence of your phone. Thinking practically, having your phone close at hand while you are swimming and running is an inappropriate thing to do. Undoubtedly, AirPods are the most suitable earphone yet, and the Series 2 watches have amazing features like GPS tracking and waterproofing.

Apple Watch's new update is having podcast support
Apple Watch’s new update is having podcast support

Listening to podcasts while you are running makes it interesting. Bringing Bluetooth buds to the gym might not be a good idea. You can apply your full attention on music, and you’d be able to comfortably use the equipment which is going to give you a healthier experience. Although, the sound quality doesn’t really matter while running but still you have to concentrate on what you are hearing.

Lack of this feature was creating a great gap between Apple phone and watch. This Overcast update is awesome and exciting news for many people because it makes running more fun and you can leave your phone at home.

You can easily access files after transferring them to the watch by just swiping it to the left. You can easily transfer multiple files at once, and you can easily switch between them through a simple menu.

Copying over each podcast takes several minutes but still, it would be a great experience.


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