Market research firm, IDC, has revealed that Apple Watch sales still eclipse those of its rivals. The sales for the smartwatch totaled 1.6 million units in the second quarter and gave Apple a lead in the market share at 47 percent.

Samsung, on the other hand, was the second best smartwatch based on sales and had only 600,000 total sales and a trailing 16 percent market share in the March-June period researched.

Apple Watch Market Share Drops, But Still Popular Than Samsung
Apple Watch Market Share Drops, But Still Popular Than Samsung

The numbers clearly show that Apple Watches are crushing their competitors based on the market share and the sales numbers. It also shows that the Apple Watch is three times more popular than the Samsung Gear Watch. However, the Samsung Gear SmartWatch managed to close the gap thanks to a strong 51 percent year over year growth and also a 9 point rise which was in the market share.

Apple experienced a 55 percent year-over-year decline, but since the previous year it was its launch, it would be an unfair comparison. However, the market share for the watch has declined heavily from their reported 75 percent stronghold to the 47 percent it currently has.

Overall, the smartwatch market oversaw a decline in the number of shipments as they fell by 32 percent in the second quarter, and they managed to total an estimated 3.5 million units as compared to the 5.1 million units which were seen over a year ago. In the top five of the five smartwatch sellers, Lenovo, LG, and Garmin finished the round. The trio however only managed to sell a combined 700,000 units and the rest of the vendors managed to sell 600,000 units.

Apple Watch 2 in The Third Quarter and It is Set to Come With The New iPhone

Apple is expected to release the new Apple Watch 2 in the third quarter and it is set to come with the new iPhone. The new smartwatch is expected to feature FaceTime capabilities, expanded Wifi capabilities, cellular connectivity and also other interesting new internal upgrades.


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