Users of the Apple TV who watch the Sling TV will now get the cloud DVR add on their devices. The service will cost $5 per month and will provide 50 hours’ worth of cloud storage. There still are some issues with the service. For starters, the DVR add-on is not finished, rather is still being developed.

Also, it may not work on some channels due to licensing rights issues. The feature will be available to customers if they are Sling TV subscribers and the channel of their choice has the feature enabled on it. It will allow for simultaneous recording of channels feed and even multiple channels at a time.

Apple TV gets Sling TV cloud DVR support
Apple TV gets Sling TV cloud DVR support

These recordings are stored in a cloud from which they can be accessed from at anytime and anywhere, even across different platforms. Another feature for Sling TV subscribers is that the options such as record, pause, rewind and fast forward through recorded content are always available. These can be available or completely nonexistent with other service providers.

Cloud DVR is Already Available

The cloud DVR service is already available for Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Android device users. Sling relies on having recording sticks in place for its customers, as opposed to the PlayStation Vue that has both devices and sticks depending on the device it is used with.

The recordings on Sling TV cloud DVR can be kept for as long as desired. But, as capacity is reached, the older recordings will be deleted starting with the oldest ones first. Sling has an edge over its competition in terms of pricing, however, it can still be made better for users. Its design and interface aren’t as user-friendly as that of others like PlayStation Vue or Google’s YouTube TV. Sling as a whole can be overhauled to appear much more appealing, even though it already is considering that it is one of the cheapest services around.


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