A hacker group, called Turkish Crime Family, claimed that they had gained access to millions of iCloud accounts. According to the group, they had stolen details of more than 300 million account and asked money from Apple for recovery.

They demanded $75,000 in cryptocurrency Ethereum or Bitcoin or $100,000 worth gift cards of iTunes by 7th of April. They threatened that if they don’t get their demands fulfilled, they’ll reset iCloud accounts and wipe the devices. But in response to such claims, Apple spokesperson cleared that none of the company’s systems were breached.

Apple Claims No Systems Have Been Breached After Hacker Group Threatens
Apple Claims No Systems Have Been Breached After Hacker Group Threatens

He also said that the list of passwords or email addresses shown by the hackers “appears to have been obtained from previously compromised third-party services.”

A member of the hacking group said,

I just want my money and thought this would be an interesting report that a lot of Apple customers would be interested in reading and hearing.

Although their statements varied: one member claimed that they had accessed 300 million accounts while another quoted 559 million.

In Apple’s statement to “Fortune”, one of the third-party services is likely to be LinkedIn. They said that most of the addresses and passwords mentioned in the hackers’ list were stolen during a huge security breach in LinkedIn back in 2012.

Moreover, Apple assured that the company is watching iCloud closely and looking over all the activities taking place. They are also working with law enforcement determined to find the criminals behind the threats. The company said that they were,

actively monitoring to prevent unauthorized access to user accounts. to protect against these type of attacks, we always recommend that users always use strong passwords, not use those same passwords across sites, and turn on two-factor authentication.

The hacker group also released a video on YouTube I which one of the member accesses a woman’s iCloud account, going through her personal data. It is still not clear whether it was staged on not. However, Apple stresses that it hasn’t been breached.


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