Apple store app got updated very recently and the latest version 4.0 is integrated with many more new features. According to a new feature, Apple store app will now recommend you Apple products based on the device you have.

In other words, you will be proposed to buy the stuff which will be useful for your Apple devices. For example, if you already have an iPad, the app store will recommend you to buy a Smart cover, for iPhone you might get a suggestion to buy a case while it might be a dock to sync or charge the device also.

Apple Store App Now Recommends Products Based On Apple Devices
Apple Store App Now Recommends Products Based On Apple Devices

This feature was actually leaked in July which stated that Apple will use the past buying history of people for the recommendation but this not true actually rather the company only take into consideration the products that are being registered under your Apple ID. So, in case you buy an iPad and gift it to your friend, the friend will register the product under his Apple ID and then this item will be taken into consideration for recommending products to your friend but not to you.

Apple is known maintain their user privacy and they have maintained the same here as well. Looking into the past purchase history is something many might not like and perceive it as the violation of user privacy. But tracking the Apple ID is not looking into the user’s buying history at all, as only the name, model number and the part number of Apple devices are linked with Apple ID which can be accessed by the app. And if users are not ready to share their purchase details they have the option to turn off this feature.

Along with this, the latest version of Apple store app brought other features like the ability to manage the apple account better way, pop-up of any upcoming events and workshop in the local Apple retail store etc.



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