Cupertino, California-based tech giant Apple to soon introduce their redesigned version of the Apple store app which will integrate a new tab to provide a personalized product recommendation to the customers based on their purchase history. This news was confirmed by Bloomberg which stated that Apple will feature “For You” tab in Apple Store that will be filled with a suggestion to buy new products based on the prior orders from Apple Store.

Apple will feature “For You” tab in Apple Store

So, users are going to experience a newly redesigned Apple Store app that is mainly used for online purchases of Apple products.

Apple store app to feature "For You" tab for recommendation
Apple store app to feature “For You” tab for recommendation

This feature is borrowed from Apple Music and Apple News app which contain a For You section. The current version of Apple Store to contain a “Featured” tab where general product recommendation is being displayed but the new tab is personalized. There is no such news on why Apple is making such shift but this is definitely an effort to bring a new product in front of the customers that they might not have been able to discover.

So, this is the first time when this tech giant is including a backend recommendation engine to provide users with the related product recommendation. This company is mainly appreciated for keeping the user data private. As of now, Apple Store application let users access their purchase history for reference but never tap into the data in order to offer the future purchase suggestions.

The official release date of the new version is not confirmed yet, however, you might expect it to reach in next two weeks. The app will work on both the iPhone and iPad. So, Apple is no doubt taking a more active role in recommending the customers with new products. Keep an eye and soon you might get the update on your iOS device.


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