Apple Inc. would be announcing its plans next week with respect to make Siri –its voice assistant– work with a wide range of apps. This comes as a result of Apple Inc trying to surpass the success of its competing service Alexa by Inc.

However, Apple claimed that it would stick to the tested method. This method is aimed at focusing on a small number of features and trying to improve them in comparison to introducing a new set of features. This message was conveyed by the artificial intelligence industry insiders and engineers of the Cupertino, California company.

Apple to Expand Siri; Takes a Different Route Than Alexa of Amazon
Apple to Expand Siri; Takes a Different Route Than Alexa of Amazon

The Apple’s Siri is currently available with only six types of apps. These include the calling & messaging, ride sharing and hailing apps, fitness, photo searching, payments, and auto infotainment systems. At the annual developer conference of the company next week, it is assumed that Apple would be adding new categories.

Some of the industry experts have predicted that Apple will be soon announcing a hardware that would be similar to the Echo device by Amazon. The Echo device by Amazon has been a recent hit for the home appliances. However, Apple has declined to comment on the same.

Siri Areas of Expertise

It is assumed that even if Siri expands its areas of expertise, it would be a far-fetched matter from the 12,000 task marks that are handled by the Alexa of Amazon. The difference displays the strategic division between the two tech rivals. Apple claims that the customers will not be using the voice commands without any experience equivalent to speaking with humans. Therefore, it tends to limit the activities of Siri to ensure that it functions well.

However, there are no such restrictions on Alexa by Amazon. It equips the voice assistant with multiple skills even if certain mistakes are made in the process.


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