Apple has announced that it will be shutting down its iTunes feature which is using the kids that their parents allow them to be used for purchasing items from Apple’s application stores.

Apple didn’t state any reason why it is doing this. Children who have a certain amount in their account can still be using them.

Apple Says, “No More iTunes Allowances For Kids”
Apple Says, “No More iTunes Allowances For Kids”

But there is an another feature that can be used in place of iTunes Allowances; Family Sharing. With this feature, people can create family groups and they can share their purchases with family members.

This process can be done via using Apple ID on your iOS device or on your computer. You can create family groups up to six people. They can share iTunes, iBooks, and App Store purchases. Besides, they can also share photos and calendar.

You can create your family group or you can join someone else’s. You can also invite your friends to join your family group to participate yours and their purchases.

With Family Sharing enabled, members of the group can do these things:

  • Download music, movies, tv shows, books from iTunes, iBooks, App Store.
  • Share photos, videos by using Photos apps’ Shared tab.
  • Calendar app for creating family events.
  • Find your family members by using Find My Friends app and find them with Find my iPhone app.
  • Manage child accounts and turn on Ask to Buy feature.
  • Manage that if you want to share your purchases or not by setting Share My Purchases feature on or off.

You can find detailed guidance for Family Sharing on Apple’s support site.


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