Bloomberg reported that Apple is enrolling a big team for the internal hardware which would be accountable for the deliverance of satellite internet. Apple has appointed John Fenwick, who was the head of Google’s spacecraft operations, and Michael Trela, who was Fenwick’s coworker and head of satellite engineering. Apple appointed Duffy to an unrevealed position. He left Alphabet in 2015.

It’s hard to say anything about the purpose of Duffy’s department, but the outstanding skills of Fenwick and Trela’s in the satellite business are suggesting that the company is up to the internet delivery. Fenwick was the co-founder of SkyBox Imaging which was a satellite company that Google purchased in 2014 and later it was sold to Planet Labs. Greg Wyler is also a famous in the satellite business and he left Google in order to work with Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

Apple getting into the satellite internet business
Apple getting into the satellite internet business

So it’s quite obvious that the gradual decrease of satellite work at Google has forced its own talent to become competitors. Apple has no track of history in the satellite space. Both Facebook and Alphabet are the advancing rapidly in the tech industry when it comes to satellite internet. Facebook has been working on drones which are solar-powered and it is reported that Alphabet is working on a project of hot-air balloon called Loon and Google Fiber unit.

Telecom consultant Tim Farrar said that Apple is funding and putting a great effort to use a constellation of low-Earth orbit satellites for the distribution of internet. Bloomberg reported that Apple is trying to create some of this technology itself. But it is a mystery that what the iPhone maker is trying to achieve. It is clear from these facts that CEO Tim Cook is trying to surpass smartphones and is more into the business of satellite internet and an automatic car.


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