According to reports, Apple intends to release their own version of a TV guide during their Mac hardware event which is planned for Cupertino, California on 27 October.

The software that they are going to release will be able to live on top of the Apple TV streaming box, together with the app on the iOS devices, and will enable users to easily search and look for shows on the movies on a long range of apps.

Apple plans to release a new TV guide, and there is one notable absentee; Netflix
Apple plans to release a new TV guide, and there is one notable absentee; Netflix

The TV guide will also be able to sync with some supported streaming services, most probably with one single login and will also offer some recommendations. And there is one notable from the list of the supported partners, Netflix.

Apple has for some time now been aiming to get TV as the next big platform as it looks to reinvent itself. However, obviously, they would face some economic and logistical compromises so as to strike deals with the relevant companies, which has been proving difficult for the company.

Therefore, Apple’s plans to offer a streamlined version of the movies and shows has now been stalled in the negotiation stage. The VP for Apple, Eddy Cue, has failed to convince media companies that Apple can do to the movie industry what they managed to do to the music industry a decade ago with iTunes.

At the moment, the feature looks like a powerful of the universal search but it is hard to see how the function would be different from the search option that is on the Amazon Fire streaming devices. It’s also unclear why Netflix and Apple are not partnering together since the two companies partnered with each other for the Siri integration.

More details will be unveiled at the conference for the Mac hardware.


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