We have noticed numerous amazing pictures that Apple puts in their ‘Shot on iPhone‘ ads campaign throughout the city. But now get ready to see them in your Instagram account as well. Apple keeps continuously trying to promote their phone and this time they have decided to land on the social network page Instagram to promote their phone.

However, this will amaze all those Instagram users as well who claim themselves as the diehard fan of tech giant Apple.

Apple Ready To Instagram To Promote Their iPhone
Apple Ready To Instagram To Promote Their iPhone

The good news is you can now follow your favorite company in the Instagram account as well. Apple is reported to share all the beautiful photos and videos in Instagram which has been captured by their iPhone.

This is purely a marketing strategy to promote the iPhone. However, the number of photos and videos will be limited to some number as only the photos captured in iPhone will be posted. As of now, the Cupertino based tech giant has only 11,200 followers on Instagram while the number of post is only 9. But, it seems this will grow to a big number with this step by Apple in the near future.

Those who are really very interested to show their captured iPhone photos in the Apple account, ensure to tag with the “shotOniPhone” tag. But Apple will always ask your permission once they select the photo posted by you. Again it will not feature any kind of commercials, galleries or else other company marketing on their account.

So, this is no doubt a very good promotional strategy adopted by Apple while it also offers you a chance to showcase your photographic talent to the world if you have an iPhone. So, capture photos and keep posting them with the required hashtag. Who knows if you are the next person to get a call from Apple.


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